Tuesday, October 03, 2006


With being overwhelmed, tired, having too much to do and not enough time, I sat on the floor and played with my 16-month-old son today. Consumed with trying to advance my career and stressing out about handling the promotion and blah blah blahs for my book release, I played with the back of Xander's hair and noticed the way the blonde tufts curled up and around my fingers. Soft and silky and shiny. Mommy & Xander played outside and noticed the reds, yellows, and oranges of leaves beginning to change on the trees. The ducks quacked at us as we ran underneath the rays of rare Michigan autumn sun. "It's not getting what you want...it's wanting what you got." Thanks Sheryl Crowe for the reminder.http://myspace.com/readmichellekane