Thursday, March 22, 2007

Parent/Teacher Conference Nightmare

Okay, parents, here's the thing...after surviving 4 hours---yes 4 HOURS of talking to parents at our Spring Parent/Teacher conferences last night, I have a question. WHY ARE YOU BRINGING YOUR KIDS TO CONFERENCES? Nothing in P/T conference mentions the word "child" or student conferencing. Yell at your kid after you get home about his bad report card and how he/she is grounded forever. Please do not humiliate your child in front of his/her teacher. It will never bring positive results. I don't need to hear you threaten to come to school with your kid and hold his hand all through the halls as you walk through with slippers on and curlers in your hair. Please parents take this advice... get the report card, talk to teachers, be as brief as possible, and get home to your children and HELP them with the homework.