Sunday, December 21, 2008

Back it Up!

I have learned my lesson the hard way from a nasty new computer virus killing off all of my Word documents and jpegs.
Back it up and save everything and anything important someplace else. We all know that right? But do we remember to do it every single time we should be doing it?

I have not been saving my writings religiously to my flash drive like I should be and lost an entire chapter of my new novel. I freaked when clicking on my document saved to my hard drive and saw not my treasured, time consuming typed words, but ugly, sickening blue letters reading: FILE ERROR 22001.
Gone are my yet-to-be-published essays, articles, and book chapters. They have been replaced with white space and a file error message.

This is a freelancer's worst nightmare. This could also be a personal identity thief's wet dream.

No one has yet to crack the code on this new vicious virus. If you find a way, please pass it my way.

In the meantime I'll be searching for my lost words.