Friday, January 02, 2009

Advice for Wanna-be Published Authors

recent article I wrote for

After three frustrating years, one promising literary agent let down, and dozens of rejection letters, I decided to go the "indie" route and self-publish my Young Adult autobiographical novel, CONFESSIONS OF A CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL.First, I researched and found a reputable POD publisher in WRITER's DIGEST magazine and sent in my complete manuscript. Being a high school English teacher by day, writer by night, I edited the book myself. I had the option with my publisher to choose a pre-formatted cover design, pay extra for a custom designed cover, or design one myself. A self-confessed control freak and what seems like decades carrying around a vision in my mind of my book cover, I, of course, had to design my own.My publisher sent me 10 author copies of my baby book and that is when the real work started. If you think writing is challenging enough, wait until you begin the long journey of marketing your book on your own. My publisher's marketing department helped with a press release form, book reviewer and book store contacts, and other various strategies to help me sell copies.Having an author website set up and networking on various social websites helped me to promote and sell many books. What teen doesn't have a MySpace page? Being a young adult author who writes mainly books for teens, I am now quite proud of the fact that I have over "700 friends" on MYSPACE. A big NY literary agent even found me on to propose a new book idea he was interested in having me write!My dream has always been to publish a book. Although I did not get a six figure advance and Jennifer Aniston isn't starring (yet!) in the film version of CONFESSIONS OF A CATHOLIC SCHHOLGIRL, I am very glad I self-published this book. I even have a charity tie-in and have been featured in local newspapers and magazines that announce the fact that I am personally donating 25% of royalties from sales of CONFESSIONS OF A CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL to domestic violence shelters. The satisfaction comes from not only receiving my royalty checks in the mail, but by giving back to my community and knowing that I am doing SOMETHING to help the fight to end domestic abuse in the USA.

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