Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mom vs. Writer vs. Housekeeper

So now that my one and only (and last) precious child is almost four, he demands much more Mommy time, which means much less ME time for this Mommy. As time speeds by at an eerily fast pace, any stolen minute or second that he is napping or sleeping must be used for the greater good. But how much can one really get done in an hour, hour and a half tops of toddler napping? It involves some serious choices. Hmmm...should I mop the kitchen floor that has been neglected since Christmas? Do you know what spiced eggnog does to natural hardwood in six months? It's not a pretty, or unsticky sight.
Or should I work on that novel that I started almost a year ago and never finished? Has it really been over two years since the last book was published? By the time I'm done writing this one, my son will probably be potty training his own kids.
Or...should I just take it easy, watch some Oprah, curl up with a good book (the same one I started reading at Christmas time while drinking the previously stated egg nog), or should I vent about it and thus waste what little time I have left because too much of it was thinking how to spend it, and write a new blog post?