Monday, August 07, 2006

The Doors

Need a lil' break from researching parenting questions for my writing gig to vent the frustrations of trying, and I do mean TRYING to work at home with a 14-month-old just learning to walk. First, Xander tries to turn off the computer. "No, Xander, that's not a toy. Mommy's working." Then, with his cute little "drunken sailor" walk he penguins over to the guest bedroom door and opens it...locking himself inside. Stop writing. Mommy to the rescue!
"Xander, why are you crying? And how come you can open the door from the outside, but not from the inside yet?" Maybe when he starts to say more than, "duck," "dog," or "mama," he can explain that one to me.

Confessions of a Catholic Schoolgirl

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