Friday, January 26, 2007

Press Release

Outskirts Press--For Immediate Release

Detroit author and school teacher announces the release of her autobiographical novel, Confessions of a Catholic Schoolgirl. Zeroing in on the Catholic Church controversy, author Michelle Kane reveals the kind of secrets the Catholic Church has been sweeping under the rug for years.
Detroit, MI, January 25, 2007 --(PR.COM)-- “Most people are too afraid to take on the Catholic Church, but not narrator Valerie Bernowski,” author Michelle Kane notes in reference to her latest book. “This is one protagonist who tells it like it is. Nothing and no one is off limits; including Valerie’s dead-beat dad, Ivan, and school pastor, ‘Father Fingers.’”
Based on Kane’s real-life experiences as a Catholic schoolgirl, protagonist Valerie Bernowski’s story unfolds through intertwining chapters of short stories. Readers will get a close-up look into real-life issues; such as domestic violence, divorce, rape, and the little discussed Catholic priest sex scandals.

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A percentage of profits from book sales will go to organizations devoted to ending domestic violence

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