Wednesday, August 15, 2007

13 Days

In exactly 13 days, I will be back in the classroom. Boo hoo! Where did the summer go? Why does it always seem that fun times go by so quickly, while days at work go by so slowly? Each minute is still only 60 seconds.
I must squeeze in all the fun I can before I go back to work. My priority now is to play, play, and play some more with my two-year-old son before summer sets and autumn returns for another crisp season.
Is it too much to ask for good, respectable, responsible high school students this year? I will try to be the best teacher I can, and I only ask my students to be the best they can. If you come to class, expect to work. Come prepared, bring your books, read, write and enjoy it. My job will be much more enjoyable. Yes, I know I am a dreamer. THE SECRET says to visualize the positive, right?

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