Sunday, November 02, 2008

Domestic Violence in the National Spotlight: Jennifer Hudson

The Jennifer Hudson family tragedy should not have happened. But now with Domestic Abuse in the national spotlight, our country needs to take drastic measures to prevent any more unnecessary violence caused by domestic abuse from happening again. William Balfour is a CHILD KILLER. This monster with a violent past should not have even been free on the streets.

How can women prevent domestic violence from happening to their family? Like sex offenders, or child predators, domestic abusers often strike again and again. Their rage is a sick hunger eager to disease and hurt those that trust them or even love them. The first step to prevent a sex offender or domestic abuser from entering into your life is to KNOW THEIR PAST.

Like our National Sex Offender data base, I stumbled upon,, which is the FIRST National data base for convicted domestic abusers. I know that I would want to be aware of any man I was going to date, or even living in my neighborhood had been convicted of a violent crime. These criminals need to be REQUIRED through a court order to register on this site. It looks relatively new and the site owner is asking for help. To volunteer or donate, please visit

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