Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Million Little Pieces of BS

Confessions of a Catholic Schoolgirl

Cups of coffee: 1
Cups of Stash Orange Starfish Herbal Tea: 2
Tabs of Sudafed: 1
Antibiotic: 1
Tabs of Tylenol: 2
Haberno Doritoes: About 7

Ok, so yes this is the healthy concoction I ingested today. Don't worry, chicken noodle is on its way. I have been trying to read A MILLION LITTLE PIECES only because of all the hype. Why am I reading it after the scandal, you ask? Only because of the scandal--that's why I read it! I read it because it pisses me off that someone who lies in his "memoir" was on my beloved Oprah & made scads of money & sold millions of books! While the rest of us unpublished (soon to be self-published) shlubs will actually write what I call--or maybe Sylvia Plath called "autobiographical fiction." My forthcoming book, CONFESSIONS OF A CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL is "loosely" based on my life, with some made up shit & name changes thrown in. I could have called this book a "memoir" like Frey did but that would be a lie. He (or his publisher)purposely capitalized on the "hotness" of memoirs right now to sell novels! Novels!
Speaking of hotness, I know this topic is no longer hot, but while the scandal broke I was teaching high school students & taking care of an infant & not blogging so....speaking of hot topic now--I am still slightly hot & feverish. Maybe a mixed blessing this week that I am sick & was able to begin all the pre-production bs for my book, practice walking with my son, and catch up with old friends. Hurray for me! Even with a 100 degree temp, I still manage to not be able to rest, relax, or sit still because I am driven by the insane desire to always "accomplish" something. OCDers have to check things off their lists, you know. Not just once, but twice, then three times, then once again, and again till you can barely see anything written on paper, then again until the paper rips, then again...

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