Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rock of Love/Scott Baio is 45 and single

Okay, so when I'm not being a wife, mother, writer, reader, exerciser, traveler...etc., I watch reality tv shows about has-beens. Like a good train wreck or car crash, they are quite addicting to gawk at.

There is a new show on VH1 called Rock of Love---which is about the lead singer, Bret Michaels of 80's hair band fame, Poison. He still has the long, bleached blonde hair and still wears the do-rags and at 40- something is making out with all kinds of drunken skanks half his age. It's so bad, I can't stop watching. Am I a big Poison fan? No. Is Bret Michaels hiding his receding hairline. Yes. It's very funny to see an aging rocker still look the same 20 years later and thinks he looks just as hot.

Now there's also the VH1 show "Scott Baio is 45 and Single" for all you Happy Days fans. I never knew Scott Baio was such a jerk to all these women. ...and Chachi was so sweet---my old crush is now crushed forever. Michelle Does NOT love Chachi any longer.

I can't wait to view more mindless TV when more 80s has-beens come back around. This time it's The Coreys. Sweet. Two train wrecks for the time of one.

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