Monday, July 02, 2007

Writers Write, Right?

Wow! It has been almost a month and I have not been blogging much. Busy with summer fun and a bunch of other stuff. Mom stuff mostly. Which brings me to me being a writer, I should be writing, right? And that includes blogging. Speaking of this blog--which is about news about my life as a Mom/Writer/Teacher--I should update you on the those three areas of my life.

Mom: Have waited to hit the potty training hard as I wait to get through my last jumbo box of Huggies. Xander's allergies have been flaring up lately (like Mommy's) as we have been spending lots of time outdoors---playing, swimming, checking out festivals in and around Detroit, etc. Going through lots of tissue over here as Xander's nose is constantly running.

Writer: Doing some shameless self-promotion as have plastered up book announcements all over town--you may notice my bright, neon pink flyers in downtown areas of Ferndale, Royal Oak and Birmingham. Trying to line up some radio interviews and of course, the internet marketing is never ending.

Teacher: On a much needed vacation. When I asked the kids what they learned in class as an extra credit option to their final exam---here were some of their responses:

"That I hated reading boring Romeo and Juliet."
"I learned that you have a passion for coffee. You should open your own coffee shop."

I am also a wife! Of almost five years--this Friday! How does time go by so fast after marriage?? Happy anniversary, honey!

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