Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Britney Spears/VMA's

Okay, I could not just watch that TRAIN WRECK on Sunday night without adding my two cents, could I? Is Britney Spears now possessed with the spirit of Anna Nicole Smith? She can't sing (lip sync), can't dance, and still has her "baby pouch." She seemed zonked out of her mind, stumbling through those Dance? moves. I am so embarrassed for her, if she is not embarrassed herself. The Kid Rock/Tommy Lee altercation was more exciting than her "performance."

Please Britney---if I had your money, I would sit back in my mansion in Malibu and play with my kids. Do everyone a favor and retire early. Aren't your FANS all grown up themselves and moms now?
You career is so over. Ooops, you did it again...messed up that is.

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