Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Teenage Baby Killer

I cried real salty tears today as I saw the news about the Michigan teen volleyball player who gave birth to a LIVE infant and then put the corpse in a plastic bag.
I know, I know---from domestic violence to infant murderers, I write about some morbid stuff I hear and see in the news. I can hardly stand to even watch the news any more. Where is all the good news about people helping others? I'm tired about hearing about assaults, beatings, rapes, molestations and murders in the media.
Why are people so crazy? What can we do about it? How does a "good Catholic schoolgirl" raised in the suburbs, a college student no less, kill her own child?
Was she not educated on her many other, more acceptable options?
Was she too selfish to care?
Parents, please teach your kids some morals and values. Don't mean to be preachy----but come on, this girl obviously knew better.

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Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

None of us is a paper doll. We all have many sides. It's nice that you write about many things. You should see my website. Everything from poetry to how-to books for writers. I try to keep things separated a bit, but it's all me!

Carolyn Howard-Johnson