Tuesday, May 06, 2008

May Flowers

I was wondering the other day in my classroom while teaching bored 11th graders how to write a proper thesis statement...who actually said,"April showers bring May flowers?" Someone actually said that?! Now I don't have to google the answer:) While reading Kevin Alexander's entertaining blog---he read my mind and said that it was John Quincy Adams. Hmmm..even teachers learn something new everyday.
I have to share a secret with you! No one else knows this besides my husband who barely managed to mumble a "Hmmm...that's good..." while absorbed in Sportscenter when I excitedly exclaimed,"I've been DISCOVERED on MYSPACE! Apparently, a BIG NYC literary agent noticed my novel CONFESSIONS OF A CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL on www.myspace.com/readmichellekane and told me to call him! So after a 30 MINUTE conversation on what he wants....I have sunk myself into reading all the modern young adult novels I can get my shaky (too many skinny lattes) hands on. A book proposal and synopsis to be completed over summer break. (Have fun with your new TEACHER over summer in my HOT classroom with NO A/C---whoever fails my class!)

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