Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Writer's Guilt

Well...I feel v. guilty about not keeping up with my blog lately. Being a busy working mom with a three-year-old takes up most of my Now that school is finally out for this exhausted high school teacher...I can concentrate on having fun with my son, writing, more fun, writing, fun, more writing....and so on and so on. Not to mention watching the new season of WEEDS--which is so awesome if you haven't watched it---you MUST.
My first priority is Xander, of course. Now that he doesn't nap much, but likes to spend his time running around the house, playing outside, swimming, reading, and pooping on his tiny potty chair, the only time I really have to write is at night.
So if it takes me forever to get the next book out, you know why. But it will be out. Check back often for more updates on the book or just to read the latest blog on how I'm spending my summer: whether it's playing with Xander, going to a local festival around the metro Detroit area, traveling with my husband, catching the latest rom-com, my thoughts on entertainment, parenting, etc.
I'll be here---but only for the graveyard shift.

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