Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Chasing Dreams & Having Goals is a Waste of Time?

I can't believe I am writing two young adult novels simultaneously right now (kind of.) Just to give you an update, I am done with the first chapter of THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO GABBY and I know, what happened to KIDS OF 8 MILE HIGH? Well, I am still working on that project, although it has become somewhat of a "backburner book" for now. The good news is a FREE sample chapter will be available soon. Maybe I'll post it here.
When I am not being a suburban wife, teacher, mother, cook, housekeeper, boo boo kisser, chauffeur, etc. (or should I say WHILE) I am writing: personal essays, blogs, book chapters, and in my son's journal that I keep for him.

When I CREATE, even if it's not that SUCCESSFUL, I feel more ACCOMPLISHED. As if my I am one step closer to seeing my dreams and goals become real and possible. I have HOPE.

So here's the thing: I was really frustrated the other day from a mad mess of writer's block and expressed my feelings to my husband, whose response was, "You can't expect to accomplish a goal or conquer a dream to make you happy."

Wait a minute. What?

I told him that it was important for us to teach our son that he should follow his dreams and that he can accomplish any of his goals with hard work and determination.

My husband said, "Yeah, but you can't expect dreams and goals to make you happy."

I know. Total Mars and Venus, right? Some people are simple---work your 9-5, come home, open a beer, watch sports, spend time with your family, etc. That makes them happy. I am happy and grateful for all that I have. But others are always striving for more, it doesn't mean they are not happy with their typical, American suburban lives, but a dream coming true is a dream come true.

What do you make of this? Do WE need MORE? Will you not be HAPPY until your DREAM comes true? DO you still have a DREAM?

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