Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The 3 Hardest Jobs in the World

What are the three hardest jobs in the world? Can you guess? No? Then I will tell you, because they are the three jobs that I currently have.

1. Mother
2. Teacher
3. Writer

Yes, I will be blogging about these jobs today. If you've noticed my tagline, my 4th "hat" that I wear is Dreamer. We all know dreaming is easy.

Mother. It's a full time job, whether you work outside or inside the home. I only have one kid and it's not always easy, especially when he is only three; wanting independence, craving a nap, or throwing a tantrum. Today after a long day at the subdivision swimming pool, Xander decided he needed to poop in every stall in the women's bathroom. After much pushing and sighing, he managed to drop about one kid off at each of the four "pools" before accepting help getting dressed. He's FINALLY mastered the potty training and not pooping in his pants anymore, so who I am to judge this bizarre bowel movement ritual? Twenty minutes later, emerging dry and completely dressed from head to toe, he escapes and runs back into the swimming pool. Very exasperating.
I drag him out out the pool, redirect him to the car and in a tiny voice, he said, "I'm sorry."

Motherhood. The most challenging and rewarding job in the world. HIP HIP HOORAY TO ALL THE MOMS.

Teacher. Yet, another extremely challenging job, yet rewarding as well. I think my job teaching at-risk urban teenagers is especially challenging, with the rewards not always immediate. I look around at the feel-good slogans surrounding my home office and classroom on the many plaques, photo albums, knick-knacks, etc. that I receive. "Teaching is a work of heart" and "Teachers make a difference." There's also one that proudly states "Teachers preserve the past, reveal the present and create the future." WOW! Do we really do all that? I know I try to do that in my classroom, but are my students trying to LEARN what I TEACH them?
"Teachers do it with class!" Hmm??? According to all the recent reports about female teachers on CNN lately, this one should be removed from all t-shirts and mugs immediately! :)


Writer. The final role that I play in life. Challenging when the words don't flow as easily as they should and the sales don't grow as quick as they could. I read once that writers don't write because they like to, they write because they HAVE to. This is something my husband doesn't understand when I vent to him about struggling with the writing of my next book. I can't just take a break on writing, like he suggests. I've had paid writing gigs and unpaid gigs, the rewards come with the CREATION of a finished piece and my BYLINE on it. Who wouldn't want to be the next J.K. Rowling? In the meantime, writing this blog has made me discover that my 3 jobs
are all linked together. 1 mother + 1 teacher + 1 writer= CREATOR.

I have CREATED a beautiful, healthy son, I try to CREATE students into future leaders, and now I have to work on CREATING my next novel. Till next time, see you in my dreams.

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sydneydoll said...

those would definitely be some of the hardest jobs.