Monday, June 22, 2009

No Jail Time For Chris Brown!

I am so irate that singer Chris Brown did NOT receive any jail time for beating his girlfriend, singer/model Rihanna. Why is it that celebrities can get away with SO MUCH in this country? I can honestly say that I am not surprised, but just saddened by this recent news that Brown skates by unpunished for his crimes by serving probation, community service, and attending domestic violence classes.
His community service needs to be at a domestic violence safehouse. The victims can give him the punishment he actually deserves. Someone to do the same thing that he did to Rihanna.

Don't make any more records, Chris. Don't buy them people. Don't go to his concerts. Please, Oprah, don't have him on your show again.

Good-bye, Chris. Find another career.

To read the entire article about Brown's plea agreement:

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